Family Disputes - Relocating Parents

relocating parentsAs lawyers, we have often had to caution clients wanting to relocate the children to another geographical area, about the prospect that the other parent could obtain a “relocation order” requiring them to come back again.

Family Disputes - Parenting Responsibilities

parenting responsibilitiesThe use of the terms ‘custody’ and ‘access’ relating to children in the Family Court have been used for many years but have become somewhat redundant in recent times.

In 2009, changes to the Family Law Act replaced the concept of ‘custody’ with ‘parenting’, to better reflect the emphasis on court orders being in the best interests of the children and not the parents.

Challenging a Will

will contest smallIncreasing numbers of Australians are challenging wills in Court with a significant degree of success.

A recent study* of cases relating to challenging wills found that:
Most wills that are contested are done so under family provision laws;
Adult children are the most common claimants in will contests, and
Challenging a will has a high rate of success whether it is through mediation or the courts.

According to our wills and estates lawyers, a will can be contested for a number of reasons.

Resolution of Family Disputes

family law disputeCLO Lawyers is a family dispute law firm – our family lawyers help people affected by separation or divorce to sort out family disputes.

We can assist you to reach agreement with your former spouse or partner on a range of issues relating to financial matters and most importantly, your children.

Family Law and Property Settlement

property settlementWhether you have been married or living as a de facto couple and regardless of the duration of your relationship, separation is a painful and disruptive time. 

Negotiating and finalising property settlement arrangements can be complex and emotionally draining. While the majority of couples resolve things satisfactory and move on with their lives, it does take time.

Divorce - Facts and FAQs

what is divorceCLO Lawyers is a divorce law firm that understands the painful and distressing responses that you may experience as a result of a relationship breakdown. We provide support and guidance to help you navigate the legal issues arising from your separation and help with information about support services you can access. 


Child Support

child supportChild support payments are calculated according to an administrative formula that uses a shared income approach and is based on research into the cost of raising children in Australia.
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