Merger Announcement CLO Lawyers

Date: 30 November 2017

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends


We are delighted to announce the forthcoming merger of Connollys Lawyers Pty Ltd into CLO Lawyers Pty Ltd.

This is scheduled to take place officially on 1 December 2017. We will continue to operate as CLO Lawyers Pty Ltd.

Founder and Director Murray Crawford established our firm in 2000. In 2007, the practice then known as MG Crawford & Co was expanded through a merger with Laherty and O’Sullivan. The firm of Crawford, Laherty and O’Sullivan was born, with a combined history reaching back almost 40 years. We later simplified our name to CLO Lawyers.

The integration of Connollys Lawyers into CLO Lawyers is another exciting milestone that will support our continued growth and allow us to provide a wider array of resources, services and expertise to you.

Connollys Lawyers is a referral based business built on the reputation of its director Andrea Hohn, who shares the same values we do. Andrea joined Connollys Lawyers in 2002 after a career in the legal profession stretching back to 1988. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the areas of property, wills and estates and in family & relationships.

We will be welcoming Andrea and her clients into our practice and likewise introducing Andrea to our clients. Her extensive legal background coupled with tenacity and a passion for the law ensures that matters are progressed to finalisation by Andrea quickly and smoothly.

This will continue our tradition for excellent service, expertise and an environment which our clients and staff want to be a part of and experience.

And while we are at it …

We recently recruited senior Commercial Lawyer Josh Davenport to the practice. His appointment in October this year followed the appointment of Property Lawyer Claire Membery earlier in 2017 and Family Lawyer Sarah Marsden who joined us in late 2016.

We are proud of all these younger practitioners, who provide us with additional capacity and drive to serve your needs. Of course, directors Murray Crawford, Corin Sankey and Alan Cumming remain at the helm along with Jeanette Reimer in charge of property conveyancing.

There are several aspects of the practice that will not change:

  • you will continue to work with the same people in our firm you have in the past. All our people are being retained in their current roles;
  • our fee structure will not change;
  • the services we have provided you in the past will continue.
  • our contact telephone numbers and email addresses will remain.

If you have any questions about the exciting merger of Connollys Lawyers into CLO Lawyers, and what it will mean for you, please contact any of us at any time. We look forward to introducing you to Andrea.

We are grateful for you giving us the opportunity to provide our legal services and we are confident that the integration of Andrea Hohn and Connollys Lawyers will benefit us all.

Yours faithfully