Property Settlements

What is my Property Settlement About?

Following a relationship breakdown, there is normally an ‘adjustment’ to the ownership of various assets so that the division of property is ‘just and equitable’ to each party.  This process is governed by the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) and your CLO lawyer will guide you through it.

How long will it take?

Property settlements can be finalised in a matter of weeks where both parties are in agreeance.  In cases where the parties are in dispute with significant animosity adding to the complexity of the situation, the finalisation of the property settlement could extend into many months.  Family law litigation is like any other area of litigation – where the parties are able to negotiate promptly and with goodwill, then significant expensive, time and stress will be avoided. 

CLO Lawyers is committed to providing value for money for all clients.  CLO will keep you informed during every step of the process and actively consult with you where delays are experienced due to the actions of different parties and the associated cost impacts.  

What about other help?

Relationship breakdowns and the associated property and child custody agreements are a very stressful period.  The uncertainty of the future and the cost of settling the division of property can weigh heavily on people.

Despite CLO lawyers becoming familiar with your financial circumstances, we aren’t qualified counsellors and can’t act in that way.  Often we find that our clients benefit greatly by consulting:

• A personal counsellor who can help them identify the emotional load they are experiencing, what the emotional drivers of their former spouse might be, and what range of emotions to expect over the ensuing months and years; and 

• A qualified fee-for-service financial planner who can guide clients who may need support and assistance in managing their finances going forward.

This additional support is just as important as the legal assistance provided by CLO Lawyers, and will help you along the way towards your future

How much will it cost?

Isn’t it frustrating when you click on the ‘fees’ or ‘costs’ page of a law firm that you get a ‘contact us’ screen instead.  CLO Lawyers believes in transparency and providing you with clear and easy to understand information relating to fees and costs.  

With our focus on fixed fees, we are happy to disclose our pricing schedule: 

Option 1:Full agreement:Up to $5,500 + GST and outlays
Option 2:Court proceedings:Up to a further $6,000 + GST and outlays
Option 3:Extra proceedings and meditation:Up to a further $15,000 to $25,000 + GST and outlays

For details regarding the individual options please continue reading.

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