Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence, or ‘intimate partner violence’ as it is also known can affect people of any age group, cultural background or socio economic group.  Domestic Violence includes physical, emotional, social, spiritual and economic violence and can occur within any relationship, be it family or intimate partner.  

Domestic Violence may be the key factor in the breakdown of a relationship, or it may eventuate after the separation.  Irrespective of when the violence commenced or how long it has been going on, you need support to work through all the legal issues and to put in place appropriate protections for yourself and possibly your children if applicable.  

In general, the law relating to Domestic Violence is governed by the Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 which aims to provide safety and protection for people in relevant relationships who are victims of domestic and family violence.  

Domestic Violence matters may also impact on court proceedings relating to divorce and property settlements and child custody matters.  Your CLO lawyer will provide you with professional advice and guidance on your rights and responsibilities relating to such matters and will coordinate with appropriate authorities and support services as needed to provide you with both professional assistance, support and protection.  

The Queensland government provides a range of general information and resources relating to domestic violence.  Follow the link below to access that information and discuss the support you need with your CLO lawyer.