Family Relationship Breakdown

It is often said that the only thing worse than a relationship breakdown is the death of a child.  Both are devastating events in a person’s life and leave a lasting legacy.  Whilst the pain and distress settles over time, it never totally disappears.  

In the case of a relationship breakdown, there is another dimension to consider.  The relationship may be over, but your former spouse or partner is still out there, perhaps popping into and out of your life due to obligations regarding children or simply appearing at events due to friendships shared by both parties.  

There are many reasons why separations occur and even couples with the longest of marriages, can find themselves in this predicament.  The experience is often described as surreal and your whole life direction changes, irrespective of who leaves whom.  

You have to face seeing a lawyer to initiate a divorce, parenting agreement or property settlement. You may never have met the lawyer before and now have to confide all the intricate family and financial details such as what things are worth, how much you owe, who did all the domestic chores, who mainly looked after the children, and who will be principally looking after the children from now on.  If there was domestic violence, you will have to relive those experiences as you confide all that trauma to your lawyer.  

At CLO Lawyers, we understand the trauma, distress and confusion that relationship breakdowns bring to a person’s life.  Our Family Law team is highly skilled, professional and empathetic. Contact the Family Law team at CLO Lawyers for a confidential and understanding conversation about your circumstances to get clear direction on how you can get through the challenges of relationship breakdown, and move forward with your life.  

Murray Crawford is a Director and Principal Solicitor at CLO Lawyers.  After being admitted to practice in 1987, Murray built a career focussing initially on property and commercial law before developing a strong personal interest in Family Law and supporting both men and women through this difficult period in their lives.  Murray is currently completing a Masters in Applied Family Law as part of his quest for personal and professional development and to continually provide his clients with strong, effective and compassionate representation.