Neighbourhood and Property Disputes

Disputes between neighbours, family members and businesses over property matters can be drawn out and costly if not resolved promptly.  The stress they often cause within families make the need for a quick resolution even more important.  

Neighbourhood disputes can involve simple disputes between neighbours over trees and fences, or disputes within families over the division of property following death or divorce.  There are numerous circumstances where transactions or arrangements relating to property can end up in some form of dispute or litigation.  

One of the most common disputes relates to dividing fences and trees along property boundaries.  In Queensland, there are specific laws that govern erecting and maintaining dividing fences as well as managing trees and flora along property boundaries.  The Queensland Government has published a range of general information for consumers covering these broad areas.  Follow the link below for some general information and contact CLO Lawyers for a no obligation consultation on your circumstances.  

Whether it relates to the division of property following a death or some other circumstance, it is important to seek professional legal advice on your rights, obligations and options under the particular circumstances. Sometimes, disputes are escalated unnecessarily where a party is not fully aware of their responsibilities. Your CLO Lawyer can advise you on appropriate courses of action to resolve the dispute before it escalates to full litigation.  

Your rights in a property dispute!