Planning & Development

Planning and Development schemes are legal documents prepared by local councils to regulate the use and development of land.  The local planning scheme in your area will identify which land uses and types of development require development approval from council and the particular standards they are required to meet.  

For example, this would include whether a new shop or commercial office could be constructed on a particular block of land and the conditions relating to matters such as height, building setback, parking, privacy of neighbouring properties etc. that need to be met for the approval.  

Another example would include vacant land development.  If a property owner wishes to subdivide land into two or more blocks, the planning scheme would regulate whether the subdivision could occur and all other specific conditions relating to approval such as block sizes, parkland, street lighting, drainage etc.  

Planning and Development law and the associated development schemes can be a complex area of law that will vary from local authority area to local authority area with varying requirements within each council. Councils will often want to control the type of development in particular townships or within cities themselves.  This even extends to special plans for particular precincts.  Failing to comply with the Planning and Development scheme in your area could lead to costly and complex legal disputes with council.  As such, it pays to consult a lawyer to guide your plans and ensure you not only follow the correct processes but that approval of your plans become far more likely.  

CLO Lawyers provide professional legal advice on Planning and Development requirements for the Toowoomba Regional Council, Southern Downs Regional Council and Western Downs Regional Council areas. 

Follow the links below for further information relating to your particular area and contact CLO Lawyers for a no obligation discussion on your development plans.  

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