Building Contracts

Building your new home is a very exciting time.  You have worked hard and placed yourself in a position to purchase some land and then construct your dream home.  The process of constructing a home is not quick. From the time you decide to purchase a block of land until you move into your home can often take 12 to 18 months.  Once the land settles and you have taken ownership of it, the next step involves selecting a registered builder and possibly an architect or draftsperson to design the home.  

Once the preliminary negotiations have been completed and you have settled on a design and internal features, your builder will present you with a contract covering the provision of building services, the costs and the conditions.  Any person carrying out commercial building work in Queensland, must comply with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.  

Some of the key sections of the Act include:

a) contracts for building work must be in writing;

b) must be signed before building work commences;

c) contain the costs for constructing the house; and

d) list the features and inclusions.

Building contracts can be lengthy documents and contain a range of clauses relating to costs and penalties in addition to outlining what you will receive for the payments made.  It is very important to ensure you receive professional legal advice before signing a building contracts.  Your CLO lawyer will review the contract to ensure it complies with the law and does not contain any clauses that may disadvantage you and cost you money.  

The Master Builders Association of Queensland also provide consumers with a range of general information relating to building and building contracts.  Follow the link below to review the information and then contact CLO Lawyers for a no obligation discussion on your building plans.